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Channeling anger

I just came across one of the few subjects on which I can't be open to other people's opinions, and got in an exchange of charged words (though restrained, let me tell you!) with a pervert on-line. (Yes, I'm going to say what I didn't say there and call her a pervert. The concept of incest fic makes me feel sick, and I think it fits the definition of perversion, even if these people are so good at making it seem like everyone shares their views that when I encounter them I begin to feel like the whole world is going crazy -- or that only I am!)

No, never mind, that wasn't what I meant to talk about, especially not in this journal!

The point is, I'm really ticked, confused, a little scared, and a lot disgusted right now. This is generally bad for my writing.

BUT. Today Azilie is ticked, confused, a little scared, and a lot disgusted! So I'm going to try to channel my genuine feelings into her. :-p

Writing about a twelve-year-old is a good vent when you're trying to pass as a diplomatic 25-year-old in your real life.

(And it's 10:15 again; how does it keep getting so late? Oh, right, I keep going and doing other stuff. Note to self: don't do that tomorrow.)
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