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DG pictures + general writing update preview

Hey guys. I've had these pictures sitting on my virtual desktop since last summer, when I drew and scanned them. As I am cleaning off my desktop today, I think it's time to post them. (One must make time for recreation and creativity in the midst of job applications and homework!)

First, a couple more from the Profile Book, a yellow sketchbook I have that has profile pictures of, so far, Defying Gravity characters and Barack Obama. ;) The first one is Azilie's good friend Solar. I like how this one turned out a lot:

The second is Azilie's acquaintance-friend Romie. She's not a central character but she might become a more important supporting character in the next draft. Or, you know, she might be cut down a lot, but at least it's good to have supporting characters with rich backstories ready to go should you need them. And just to help you understand your world and its social dynamic. Drawing this picture helped me understand where Romie comes from a bit more, which in turn affects how she treats Azilie. So that worked well.

Finally, this is just a drawing on marker paper in the style of an animation cel with black outlining, which isn't something I've done with Copic marker before. I drew Azilie first and then worked my way to the right, and I am increasingly satisfied with them as I go along. The dark older kid is a new supporting character whom I may or may not use. (But, again, understanding your world's social dynamics is good!)

In other news, I have been thinking about Altitude a lot lately. I won't be able to start writing it any time soon, I'm afraid (must review Japanese and teach myself lots of vocab before March! And also do grad school) but I do believe I'll still be wanting to work on this when spring comes. I have more to say on this subject which I keep meaning to bring up in my regular journal, but I keep not having time. I won't today because (as I mentioned over there already) my brain is kind of fuzzy today. But I got these pictures up finally, so yay.
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