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Yay for pictures: TS realistic drawing and gift Sept art!

I've got a new picture for Twilight Star!

(Click to enlarge)

Once I finish Azilie's story, I really want to get back into working on Twilight Star. I am full of ideas to make it more condensed, more interesting. I also am tired of staring at computer screens, so drawing is a good way to work on a different project while getting away from the computer.

The characters shown are of course Celeste in the middle, with Indigo, Gabriel, and Mikaela down in the left corner, Cozoqui in the lower right, Celeste's grandma, grandpa, and uncle to the right just above her (whom I've never drawn before! Older people and men? Whoa! A challenge!), Kymathece, Esti, Sorl, and Izick (whom no reader has met yet) up in the right corner, and a mysterious young woman whom I shall not even name yet in the upper left.

This drawing is noteworthy because it's done in a realistic style. is my new favorite site for finding source pictures! It really helped me a lot. I'm not the best when it comes to realism (not that I'm anything special with cartoon style either) but I am rather pleased with the way this came out, for someone who's rusty with the style and medium and all. The paper was also cheap 100 yen shop paper and kept pilling up when I tried to erase multiple times. So it does seem a great victory to have bent it to my will!

I used my artist's set of pencils to draw it -- that is, not No. 2 lead, but F, H, HB, B, and 2-9B. This is the most ambitious piece I've made with those, so yay! Even though I got the pencils back in 2000 for Christmas, I still thought to bring them to Japan with me. I'm used to drawing in color, so having to represent color in black and white -- and even more than that, to represent light, since that's a big part of this picture! -- was a fun challenge for me.

The picture is now on the wall above my computer desk, near my glowing star curtains and aurora poster. I think it fits there quite nicely. It's about 15"x10" in real life. This was much too big to fit on my school's scanner, so I had to scan it in halves. Stiching it together was a bit of a pain since the scanner did the greyscale differently for both pictures, but thanks to some creative cutting and the dodge and burn tools, I think I mostly made up for that. Yay! I'm annoyed that you can still see the stitching on the right side (I guess I scanned it at a slightly different angle each time -- I didn't flush it to the corner of the scanner because that was doing some weird thing where it cut off the edge of the piece) but oh well, considering the trouble it took to scan this, I'm happy it worked at all.

If you have comments about the drawing or story I would of course love to hear them! :)

Speaking of artwork, I just thought I'd share that I got gift art from a 12 year old Septuplet fan on Monday! It really made my day. I love getting art from my friends who are experienced artists, but it's a different kind of special to get something from a kid learning how to use a paint program and enjoyed my stories enough to draw the characters. I had never heard from this reader before, either. Really, really cool. :)

(Click to enlarge)

Or click here to go to the picture page and scroll down to the gift art section to see the new pic, the Group Shot by Micha. I set something up to forbid direct linking to JPGs by people who were stealing my images and bandwidth, but now I can't seem to unset it. It was supposed to let me specifically allow linking from LJ, too, but that doesn't seem to be working and I have no energy left to fight computer battles right now. But it's cute and makes me happy and I want to share it so I hope you'll go take a look!)

Editing update: I'm on page 42 of 120 on draft two of Azilie's story. (Which really needs a better title one of these days. Usually titles come to me somewhat easily, but not this time.) Actually, I did a fair bit of work on it (writing a new scene that it really needed) and yet that change the page count since yesterday, since it just filled in empty space at the ends of chapters. Hmph. Oh well. I really hope to be done with this draft of it by my birthday. Unfortunately, the second half of the editing will be harder than the first, since the end basically needs to be rewritten. But then, I have lots of time during the summer vacation to work on it, so I'm optimistic. (For most of July and all of August, I have no class, but I still have to go to work. I'll be taking my computer to work on my novel in the 職員室 [teachers' room].)

Okay, that's all, but if anyone feels like chatting about writing or drawing, please do feel free to strike up a conversation via e-mail or comments because I'm all excited about this subject right now. ^__^
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